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Pippa Brabyn is a London-based artist with a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. From college in an old grammar school in Brighton to an art residency in an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Germany,  Brabyn has always been drawn to the narrative and aesthetic of the old and the derelict, the story imbued within the physical structure of a place. A recipient of the New York Studio School Drawing Scholarship and The Frank Bowling Painting Scholarship, Brabyn she has continued to develop a rich catalogue of on-going research in a variety of mediums and location spanning across domestic and individual history, and memory. 

Finding interest in the supernatural element of the photograph and metaphorical representation, Brabyn draws inspiration from nature, often working with found objects, insects and organic materials to explore and demonstrate the dualities of life and death, 'here and there' and past and present. Taking visual and conceptual cues from the Victorian era and phantasmagoria, Brabyn uses analogue, and digital photographic processes, with research often manifesting as printed images, installations and sculptural photographs created via the mechanism of surface manipulation, layering and manipulation of light and cast shadows. 


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