Works are formed as a catalogue of on-going research spanning across domestic and individual history, situated in the personal, drawing upon experiences of travel and childhood to create a framework around which to investigate the psychological repercussions of absence of documentation and question the reliability of the image in the construction and preservation of memory.


Using a process-driven method of research, I am attempting to better understand how the absence of documented experience affects memory and subsequently identity. I am doing this by specifically honing in on the concept of decision-making, playing with the duality of time and altering contexts. I am interested in the supernatural element of false and projected memory and how and if the choices we make and subsequent experiences that are pursued retain compensatory value. The work I consequently create demonstrates this research through metaphorical representation via accumulation and manipulation of photographic images, manifesting most often as considered, internal installations.  


With the ability and accessibility to capture and store images being so specifically rife in recent history; publicise, multiply, edit and exploit - the value of the image as photograph and the photograph as document has become diluted and almost redundant. The ongoing investigation strives to retrieve the significance of the photograph as image as well as underscore societies apparent obsession with incessant documentation, to discover if identity is reflected or in fact imbued within the image. Exercising my own aspiration to compensate for absent documentation, I ask if there is an element of compensation that is being sought by the masses through accumulation – in experience and though imagery, and if so, what it is being compensated for?

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