Working as a Photographer onboard a cruise ship for four years, I visited many places igniting my passion for travel and exploration into the unknown. This experience stimulated my creativity compelling me to capture experiences and ambiances in a way I felt a photograph alone could not.

The sea and the relationship between its physical and aesthetic qualities is a particular area of interest for me, in addition to the bearing that it has on literature and its destructive and erosive force. As part of this process I have gathered materials from the shoreline and used them to make pigments. I have altered the appearance of books in order to create metaphorical resemblances to the powerful creative influence the sea has provided for writers over the years.

Inspired to carry this concept into other areas, I strive to capture sensations found in seasons, people, places and objects. Experimentation of materials is at the core of my investigation, occasionally touching upon the concept of renewal of life.

My pieces range from figurative to abstract and explore the concepts behind them in three main disciplines: painting, photography and sculpture.
By experimenting in making pigments from relevant substances to enrich my work, I look to encompass materials found in specific locations and try to create a kind of alchemy of ideas and sensations.

This process of gathering natural substances and manipulating them is something I am eager to continue. It holds much potential and provides a valuable platform for me to develop my work.
Researching various pigments and using my initiative and imagination in creating pieces that are representative and equivalent to my experiences, will be something that I look to continue throughout my practice.

Currently my work is exploring the idea of metaphorical representation and how this manifests in the process of making, with particular attention to the oscillation between public and private within art practice. Having been influenced and inspired by the research I have recently undergone as part of my dissertation, I hope to develop this line of enquiry further.